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Your support towards sustainable tourism in Cyprus

Do you know you can become part of the puzzle to support, develop and promote sustainable tourism in Cyprus?

If you are really interested to support sustainable tourism, agrotourism and domestic tourism in Cyprus, you can do it in these 5 ways:

1) inform us about organic, ecological, educational, green, adventurous projects (and places, services, shops) in Cyprus which are still not pinned on our online map; we are also interested in local producers of products, who can involve its visitors and tourists into the production of their products,

2) let us know about events related to these projects thus other people and tourists know about them too,

3) join our Facebook page or our other social media and share articles which we publish,

4) come for an authentic excursion with your friends, family or business partners to visit places and events we gather; and/or we can organize for your company teams corporate teambuilding activities,

5) visit those places and support local businesses by buying their local products. Check more about your benefits of being a responsible traveler.

For more information please check how can we help you.

Thank you for all your support towards sustainable tourism in Cyprus.
Create the awareness, take an action and support each other is a key.

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