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The House of Roses in Agros

Welcome to Agros and the Tsolakis family to introduce you our traditional House of Roses surrounded by plants of Rose of Damascus in the mountain-slopes of the village.

For the third consecutive generation, and from the beginning of the last century, we cultivate the rose in our country. We have been respectful to the wisdom of time and to the success of the journey of the rose. We have followed in the footsteps of our innovative parents, continuing the production of rosewater and essential oil with their exquisite therapeutic and nurturing qualities for all of us to enjoy.


As all who were born in Agros, so we too, Christakis, Maria, Andria and Elena Tsolakis, from babies in the cradle, have been infused with the presence of roses. We have been shrouded by the fragrance that exuded from our parents’ plantations and from the countryside of Agros.

Today the Tsolakis family is the first in Cyprus to produce a range of bio-cosmetics, the Venus Rose.

bio cosmetics destilation of roses house of venus rose


With our two pure and well-established products, our organic rosewater and rose essential oil, we have created a total of eleven cosmetic products for the daily care and wellness of face and body. Their ingredients are derived from plant extracts of organic production.

Our natural rose bio cosmetic products are controlled and monitored under the most stringent supervision throughout their cultivation. Dermatologically tested and environmentally friendly. As certified bio cultured products, according to European standards, they have been approved and are recognized by the European Union.

In our respect for mother nature, we have consciously chosen bio methods of cultivation and are committed to avoid using other chemical ingredients that are compromising and harmful to man and nature.

We offer our visitors to choose from a range of Venus Rose natural rose bio cosmetics at our shop or via our online shop, as well as liquers & alcohol, rose tea, fragrant soaps and rose frangranced candles.


Harvesting starts in May and lasts between 20 and 25 days. At the Tsolakis plantation, roughly between 27,000 and 30,000 roses are hand picked per day. Harvesting has the sweetness of a festival, where friends are present, and where acquaintances and strangers are welcome. If you are at Agros in May, do come and pick roses with us.

For us, the Tsolakis family, the cultivation of roses is a continuing journey of research and unexpected discovery. We would be very pleased to share the secrets of the rose and its gifts with you, to give you a tour of our facilities and to show you our products, exclusively found here. Just as our relationship with Mother Nature is sincere, likewise we aspire to relate to you.

Feel free to contact us or to visit whenever you wish.

Find more information on our website, like our Facebook page, call Mr. Tsolakis at 25521893, however the best experience is to meet us in Agros.




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