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What is team building and what is team building good for?

Some of you may know and would be able to clearly define the meaning of team building and some of you may have only some ideas, some not at all! If you Google the expression „team building“, you would find many articles. In this post I will try to bring you closer and quicker to understanding of what it is and its importance in your business.

When my friends ask me, what actually team building means, I tend to answer back with the question: What do you think the team building may mean? A long thinking usually follows. Then one by one they come up with these phrases but yet they are not able to clearly define the term. They say building a team, developing a team, making a team stronger and more effective. That is all correct, they start to understand this term better. Just think how the team is created. We can see teams in sports, in schools, in companies, in TV shows, simply anywhere. How do they operate? What is behind their success? There are formally or informally created teams, and according to the saying – the team is as strong as its weakest member. Still, you may be asking yourself, what is team building really about? Right?

“Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first.” Angela Ahrendts.

Now we will have a look at what the formal definition says about team building and its effectiveness. Do not worry about formal terms, it is just at the beginning. Next articles will be more practically focused.

Team building is the use of different types of team interventions that are aimed at enhancing social relations and clarifying team members’ roles, as well as solving tasks and interpersonal problems that affect team functioning.

Team building was originally a group process intervention aimed at improving interpersonal relations and social interactions. Over time it has developed and now it includes achieving results, meeting goals and accomplishing tasks. It refers to the activities in which teams can engage to change its context, composition or team competencies to improve performance.

Team building in organizations
At the organizational level, team building is a philosophy of job design in which employees are viewed as members of interdependent teams instead of as individual workers. Team building generally sits within the theory and practice of organizational development, but can also be applied to sports teams, school groups, business teams and other contexts. Its four components are:

•    Goal setting: aligning around goals
•    Interpersonal-relationship management: building effective working relationships
•    Role clarification: reducing team members’ role ambiguity
•    Problem solving: finding solutions to team problems.

Of all the organizational interventions, team development interventions were found to have the largest effects on financial measures of organizational performance. Recent meta-analyses show that team development activities, including team building and team training, improve both a team’s objective performance and supervisory subjective ratings on the performance.

Effects on the performance
Team building is a specific team development intervention that has been scientifically proven to positively affect team effectiveness, when exerted with its intended purpose. Team building is aimed at specific needs, and thus has been proven to have specific outcomes on teams.

To put it simply, there is no science or science fiction in team building. It is simple as it sounds. Team building should support the motivation of all individuals in the team, so the individual team members feel their importance within the company. Company which invests in their team effectiveness, social and interpersonal relations has higher overall success results. The investment into human capital development is returned back to the company in terms of higher achievements, better effectiveness and great results.
Let´s call it WIN-WIN situation.

What  Cyprus Excursion offers?
Cyprus Excursion offers corporate team building activities for groups, teams of company employees or business partners of the company. Our activities are designed to encourage all team members to get involved and socialize.

Our program can help your teams and business partners to strenghten their interpersonal working relationships and it also can help them to get to know Cyprus from a different perspective.

Call us today for details and learn more about how we do it.

By making a choice to participate you would be giving the support to sustainable tourism in Cyprus.

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