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Sustainable tourism in Cyprus and call to action

As you are aware, the project Cyprus Excursion promotes private jeep safari excursions and offers corporate team building activities.

In the last article 10 reasons to choose Cyprus Excursion, the core points were mentioned in relation to support, develop and promote sustainable tourism in Cyprus.

Cyprus Excursion is thereby looking for green/eco/bio/organic/natural/educational/sustainable projects and organisations in Cyprus to cooperate!

The aim is to develop and promote „sustainable excursion“ within the places which are „hidden“ in Cyprus, however of great value to be visited.

Parties interested in funding in order to create a physical map for tourists who prefer responsible/sustainable tourism are more then welcome.

Apart of that, we will create the stakeholder map to support and know each other and develop a framework for institutional part of sustainability.

What do we mean by sustainable tourism?
Since tourism is the largest economic sector in terms of earnings and the number of people employed, according to Butler (1991) sustainable tourism is considered as a goal that the whole tourism must achieve in order to prevent further damage to nature. It can be argued that even if Butler sees sustainable tourism as an achieved goal, principle of sustainable tourism is a way to manage the tourism. Empirical research in the area of sustainability discovered the need to maintain the economic, social and environmental resources (Simpson and Wall, 2000).

Sustainable tourism is defined as all types of tourism that are compatible with or contribute to sustainable development (Liu, 2003). It means that concept of sustainable tourism evolved in parallel to the concept of sustainable development (Commission of the European Communities, 2007). It takes into account stakeholders directly operating in tourism. Thus, sustainable tourism constitutes “a process which meets the needs of present tourists and host communities whilst protecting and enhancing needs in the future” (WTO, 1996).

Therefore, the task of sustainable tourism is to ensure long-term economic operations, providing socio-economic benefits to all stakeholders with respect to an environment.

Additionally, sustainable tourism requires informed participation of all relevant stakeholders and impacts on tourism should be constantly monitored. It should maintain tourist satisfaction and ensure a meaningful experience to the tourist, raising their awareness about sustainability issues and promoting sustainable tourism practices amongst them (WTO, 2004). In this paragraph it can be seen the importance of host community protection towards the future (supply side) and providing quality product for tourists (demand side).

Sustainable tourism can help overcome many of the negative impacts associated with tourism development. Therefore higher focus on sustainable tourism development is needed in order to enforce actions.


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  • Susie says:

    This is an amazing commitment to sustainable tourism. Wish you the best! Greetings from

  • Clement says:

    You should most definitively put the Herb Garden in Pano Akourdaleia on your excursion map, and potentially the Farmers Market held there every first sunday of the month. All the best with this great project!

    • cyprusexcursion says:

      Dear Mr. Clement, thank you for your recommendation! I really appreciate it!
      Hopefully I will gather all interesting places which are worth to be visited in Cyprus, projects regarding the nature/eco/bio/organic/education/hand-made/tradition. I am excited to receive the introduction of some partners soon who already joined!

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