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Superfood organic bar in Limassol

The first organic bar in Cyprus opened its door in 2015 and one of its owners, Anna Lefteri, would like to personally invite you in the superfood organic bar to try exceptional selection of healthy cocktails, elixirs, salads, wraps and cookies! Superfood Organic Bar helps you to eat healthy, look younger and live longer!

What is superfood? We can say it is a food that has proven positive health benefits and effects. Superfoods are a special category of foods found in the nature. They are superior sources of antioxidants and essential nutrients, nutrients we need but cannot make ourselves. They have the highest concentrations of easily digestible nutrients, fat burning compounds, vitamins and minerals to protect and heal the body. As powerful sources of clean protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, good fats and oils, essential fatty and amino acids, and other nutrients, they represent a uniquely promising piece of the nutritional puzzle. Eating them may reduce the risk of chronic disease, and prolong your life. Our healthy cocktails and dishes are:

  • an immune boosting elixirs with Guarana and Spirulina
  • detox salads with Goji Berries, Kale and Quinoa
  • exotic smoothies with Acai berries and Maca (Madonna’s favorite protein shake)
  • weight loss juices and wheat grass shots
  • antioxidant bowls, vegetable spaghetti
  • raw cakes and deserts without eggs, flour and sugar.

superfood cyprus

All our cocktails and dishes are made from fresh fruits, vegetables, greens and superfoods which are not only tasty but may help energize and detoxify your body, increase your immune system and improve your physical performance.

Anna Lefteri had been involved in the restaurant business and with her friend they had an idea to open organic bar in Limassol since following the trends worldwide. It took us few years thinking about new cuisine which could help people to improve their health, including ours. We would like to make create the awareness and make people in Cyprus conscious about healthy lifestyle by serving them our fresh, natural and tasty drinks & dishes & cakes.

Other services:

  • healthy lunch take away
  • detox programs to recharge your metabolism
  • healthy birthday cakes (by order) – all cakes (incl. whole raw cake trufels, organic chocolates) and desserts are made without sugar, flour, butter and eggs
  • consultation.

superfood organic bar cyprus

Do you know what can be considered as a typical superfood in Cyprus? What about carob sirup for example?

Contact person: Anna Lefteri
Tel.: (00357) 99 336517
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday (9:00 – 20:00)
Address: 79 Vasileos Georgiou A, Limassol (opposite Dasoudi beach).

Superfood organic bar Cyprus

“Come to our Superfood Organic Bar to taste the food of the future, and to know more how superfoods can improve your health.”

Find more about us on our Facebook Page Superfood Organic Bar, check our menu and save your money by requesting voucher from Cyprus Excursion.

Why Cyprus Excursion is promoting such place? Cyprus Excursion supports local businesses in the area of sustainability, responsible travelling, local travels, agro tourism, healthy lifestyle, traditional Cypriot products & making and consuming local production. As part of the sustainable development ethos that drives the collective, it’s very important to consume foods from your local area. Check our weekly Trips Tips recommending you our partners in combination with events happening in Cyprus!

Support local travels and buying local production!

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