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Rainbow Eco Products in Cyprus

Rainbow Products Cyprus (RPC) is here to shine light of awareness to everyone on the concept of using eco products for your better health and to healing our planet. The products offered by RPC are so unique, funky and likable and above all to be used over and over for years. We are passionate to continue our success and work in doing what we love.

rainbow products cyprus

My name is Elizabeth Photiou, the owner of Rainbow Products Cyprus. I am a mother of four kids, an entrepreneur and I have been living in Cyprus 21 years. Rainbow Products Cyprus was created in October 2011. RPC was created from the needs of my children and myself, to have safe, healthy, eco bottles for our everyday use. RPC attracts all ages of men and women, boys and girls. The products are extremely useful to all ages and all actives of Life, Work, School or Play! All the products are of excellent quality, some are so unique and handmade too. Rainbow Products Cyprus is the sole distributor to all their products.

glass bottle cyprus

We offer 304 different stainless steel drink, glass drink and food storage containers (drinking bottles, sandwich boxes and insulated containers) and cozy rainbow bottle covers. We also offer handmade straws made from glass, bamboo and stainless steel, handmade chilly stones made from pure porcelain and electronic ecofriendly pest repellents. They can be bought is various gyms, yoga studios, health stores and of course online.

Pest Repeller Pest Repeller

We attend on average 16 events per year, island wide, all orientated around better health events, holistic expos, sports events and children’s schools, and other organized events. Our prices are very competitive and we are the sole distributors of all our products island wide.

Being part of The Cyprus Excursion network is a great platform to promoting eco friendly products which Rainbow Products Cyprus is so passionate about. I would like to see in Cyprus more awareness to plastic bottled water usage which is of course very popular in a hot climate and to see more eco/health reusable bottles used. Awareness of the plastic bag usage and the plastic straw usage too is a concern. As well as using sprays and poisons to get rid of your insects and pests.

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Elisabeth Photiou, Rainbow Products Cyprus
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Cyprus Excursion supports, develops and promotes sustainable tourism in Cyprus, including promoting healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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