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OREEKO Eco Directory & Lifestyle Blog

OREEKO  is an Eco Global Directory and lifestyle blog featuring amazing articles on eco friendly travels, ethical fashion, organic restaurants, health, beauty, vegetarian recipes, sustainable living & more. OREEKO is the best way to discover green businesses worldwide!

OREEKO officially launched just a few months ago. We are located in Rome, Italy but our following is worldwide.

Our purpose and focus is to help make green living easier. We want to be the bridge between people that are searching for easy ways to make their lives greener and a platform where green companies can showcase their services & products.

OREEKO – a new place to find organic, eco friendly, green, fair trade products & services. 

Our website is visited from people all over the world. Among various aspects of green living, “Green & Eco Travels” is very important for us. We love traveling especially exploring new natural locations and learn of the environmental issues.

It’s important to learn how to travel always remembering to be respectful of our planet earth. In the short time we have launched Oreeko, we have been to amazing locations and green facilities.

In 2015 we are organizing collaborations with various green touring companies both in Italy and abroad.

Search your city and discover local or global organic & ECO businesses. JOIN OREEKO and show your ECO business to the world!

You can discover local & global listings in these categories:

Hotels & Travel, Beauty, Fashion, Food & Dining, Health & Wellness, Gifts, Green Living, Home & Garden, Kids, Pets, Media, Office, Services, Tech, Transportation, Travel & more.

For more info find us on our website, Instagram, TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, Pinterest.


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