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Kitehouse Cyprus in Limassol

Kite surfing or kite boarding is an extreme water sport which combines aspects of other sports like windsurfing, wake boarding, skateboarding and snowboarding. The difference between kite surfing and kite boarding is what you’re standing on! Kite surfing uses traditional surf, as you will see normally used by surfers on the sea. Kite boarding uses a different shape of the support, a board instead of surf. Does it make much difference? It does actually. Surf is mostly used for waves and board is used on flat water, for freestyle jumps.

Kite surfing in Cyprus is getting extremely popular thanks to the beautiful unspoiled beaches and windy conditions. There are plenty of beaches with perfect conditions suitable for kite surfing. Combining the luxury of space with a choice of wide, open beaches, warm climate and customary south westerly winds throughout the summer, Cyprus is the perfect place for those keen to learn or hone their kite surfing skills in idyllic surroundings.

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Lubos Oslanec who lives in Cyprus for last 11 years became a certified instructor of kite surfing after he found his passion in this extreme sport. “Cyprus is the best destination with excellent condition regarding the wind which blows almost every day, the temperature of the sea doesn’t go below 16 °C thereby you can do kite surfing all year round.”

Kitehouse Cyprus kitesurfing school is owned by Lubos Oslanec and his kite surfing courses in Cyprus take place in a beach near Akrotiri, short drive from central Limassol. Our Kite Safari package is perfect for holiday makers who are looking for an unconventional way to spend their days on the beach. We will pick you up from your hotel, provide kite surfing equipment and dedicate the next 5 hours to teach you how to kite surf. At the end of the day we will drop you off again at your hotel or chosen location.

Lubos Oslanec has a gift to teach others how to kite surf. He loves instructing other passionate people and the reward is their satisfaction and progress. It is important to say that every beginner he started the lesson with Lubos, is still continuing kite surfing. This sport may seem to be dangerous and difficult to learn. As Lubos says, “it seems to be difficult but possible”. It is even easier than windsurfing and you can start right now without any requirements for your current physical conditions.

If you’re an experienced kite surfer and want to enjoy some time on the water during your holiday, we also provide rental of kite surfing equipment at very reasonable prices. Our kite surfing classes are very flexible and we are able to accommodate almost any requirements.

Cyprus does not only have one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in Europe, but also excellent kitesurfing schools! And Kite House Cyprus is one of them!

With Kitehouse Cyprus we can take you from zero to hero in just 10 hours, or 3 days! Yes, all it takes to learn kitesurfing is just 10 hours!

Kite surfing is a wonderful sport for anyone, whatever your physical or fitness level is, anyone can learn to tame the waves and dance with the wind.

Are you asking if the sport is difficult or dangerous for you? Contact Lubos Oslanec and get your private lesson!

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Our kite surfing courses run all year round, if weather conditions permit. Call us or email us to book your place and take a look at some options of our kitesurfing courses. Choose the one that’s best for you and let the fun begin! If you could learn how to swim or walk, we can teach you how to kite surf.

Contact details: Lubos Oslanec, +357 999 733 22.
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Kite house Cyprus will be recommended in the Trips Tips by Cyprus Excursion, feel free to check the weather conditions on Kite House Cyprus website and take your chance to learn how to kitesurf!

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“When you try it, you will know the feeling what is kite surfing all about.”

Contact Kite House Cyprus directly or contact Cyprus Excursion to arrange your lesson. Your lesson is available in English, Greek, Russian and Slovak language. Save your money by requesting voucher from Cyprus Excursion.

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