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Kafkalia traditional smoked meat shop in Agros

“Kafkalia Ltd” is a traditional smoked meat company which produces all its products using the grandparents recipes without any preservatives.

Kafkalia Ltd was founded in 1978 and started working as a family business, producing traditional smoked meat products in wine. Today, despite the continuous expansion and improvement of the company and its equipment, Kafkalia company still produces traditional quality products.

Kafkalia products are made using traditional methods, always using fresh meats and under strict hygienic conditions, being up to date with the relevant specifications of the EU.

The industry is situated in Agros village, in the heart of Pitsilia area near the Troodos Mountains.

The smoked meat, mature in red dry wine and smoked naturally with woods:

· XIROMERI (Smoked Pork Leg)

· LOUNTZA (Smoked Pork Fillet)

· POSIRTI (Smoked Pork Bacon)

· LOUKANIKA (Smoked Pork Sausages)
· PASTOURMAS (Beef sausage – sun dried)

· TSAMARELLA (Goat meat – sun dried) – Tsamarella got the 1st prize as the Best Cypriot Product on November 2011 from Time Out Eating Awards.

traditional meat shop cyprus agros traditional meat shop cyprus agros

During your visit we offer:
· Presentation of all our products in Greek or English (explaining the whole procedure)
· Tasting (all the above products accompanied with Zivania and wine)
· In case of small groups, visitors can also see the smoking room if the exact time its available.
· In our shop, except of our meat products, we also have a big variety of local products that visitors can have a look and buy if they want to (zivania, wine, sweets and marmalades, rose products, herbs, honey, carob and grape products).

Visit us in Agros and get in touch with us via phone: +357 25 52 1426
or by e-mail:

Make sure to stop in our shop once having a tour to Troodos Mountains with Cyprus Excursion.

Kafkalia traditional smoked meat Agros


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