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The Ecolife Element – a new vibe in Cyprus

The company Ecolife Element Ltd. is a start-up Nicosia based company with a strong social awareness and contribution. The scope of our business is the development of specialised projects, products and services that aim to penetrate into specific market sectors like environmental, educational, health and wellbeing, nature, energy and sheltering. Their main objective is to contribute to sustainable solutions of problems related to basic needs of humanity. (i.e. food, housing, health, poverty, resources conservation  etc.).

The team consists of the three co-founders of the company who decided to gather their various skills
•    Evi; an architect, permaculture designer, and project manager,
•    Roberto; a mechanical engineer (product design/development), manager of start-up companies in the health and wellness field as well as an ecological product/service company, and
•    Gabriel; sound engineer, past owner of  a professional recording studio, permaculture designer, events organiser and creator of ‘The Divine Feminine Pilgrimage Tour’.

The Cyprus Ecoliving Network, yet not yet released, is an online portal that acts as a directory listing of products and services that promotes sustainable and traditional practices, and will host a resource section as well as a social network.

This on-line portal is to promote Ecological Tourism; to guide users also toward ‘things to do’ that are ecologically friendly or traditional in nature. This could be anything from where to see traditional crafts being made, or a tour or a bio-farm/bio winery, or which restaurants hotels serve organic food.

The Cyprus Ecoliving Network is aimed at both locals who are looking to spend more time in nature or learning more about their roots, yet also by tourists looking to come to the island and would prefer a more interesting and authentic experience.

The team is also involved in creating a Permaculture centre just south of the village of Mitsero, called Ierokipio (meaning ‘Sacred Garden’), and is part of a team of volunteers who help each other and others to develop permaculture land. These weekends get togethers are called ‘Permablitz’, coming from the words ‘permaculture’ & ‘blitz’ (intense action)!

Watch a video of the Permablitz in Ierokipio.

The Green Month 2015
Currently they are promoting a series of seminars and workshops that will be taking place between April 16th to 10th May 2015 at various venues in the Nicosia district. These events focus on sustainable living practices and are promoted under the title ‘The Green Month 2015’. The different events consist of FREE (evening gatherings) and paid events (1,2 and 6 day workshops).

All the events will be facilitated by Rakesh ‘Rootman Rak’, a GAIA Education certified instructor who has decades of experience in working with Ecovillages and sustainable technologies.  In addition, the ‘Permaculture Hands-On Week’ and the ‘Working With Water’ workshops will be co-facilitated by Nicolas Nétien, a soil and agro-ecology specialist/waste management engineer/Manager of Atsas Bio Farm (Cyprus), and co-founder of the Permaculture Research Institute of Greece.

Watch the Intro Video to the Green Month 2015.

It is exciting times in Cyprus and to see groups wanting to change ‘business as usual’ toward a more sustainable future is inspirational!

For further reading see the company website and like our Facebook page for upcoming news!

See our website for further information on the Green Month 2015, list of seminars/workshops and reserve your space now.

Contact Information:
Tel: 22 260 477,  Fax: 22 260478,  Mobile: 99 650147 (Gabriel).

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