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Carob Mill Limassol Cyprus



Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism

Limassol wins the 2nd place as a “Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism” in Europe, for its Carob Mill and Warehouse in Limassol, Cyprus.

Cultural and heritage tourism is the fastest growing sector of European tourism and can
contribute to the sustainability and competitiveness of tourism in the European Union.
European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN) has initiated the only award in cultural tourism
across Europe for nomination ‘Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism’ Award to tourism
destinations Europe-wide for the benefit of destinations, communities, businesses, citizens
and visitors.

Winner are recognized as “examples of excellence” aiming to inspire other European tourism destinations.

The Theme for 2015 was ‘Industrial Heritage Tourism’ concerning results of actions which have been implemented and have produced significant results and achievements by destinations with a focus on local, regional, state or European context. The winners of the ECTN Award 2015 on the theme ‘Industrial Heritage Tourism’ were announced at the Award ceremony during the international conference “Industrial Heritage: Prospects for Sustainable Tourism Development in Europe” on 18 September 2015, which was organised in Riga, Latvia.

The Carob Mill Complex which is located next to Limassol’s Medieval Castle was originally built in 1900, at a time when carobs were a major export of Cyprus. They were used to make a wide variety of products such as photographic filmplates, medicines, sweets, honey and chocolates. When the ingredients of carobs were no longer needed for the manufacture of these products, the carob mill was converted into a warehouse for fertilizers in the late 1960 and was used as such until the year 2000.

The machinery used in processing the carobs is preserved and displayed in a renovated building, blending the authentic atmosphere of the past with the sophisticated hightech look of the present. The Carob Mill area has been divided into a complex of two distinct areas: the first area consists of the restored Carob Mill and the second houses the Evagoras Lanitis Centre, an arts and exhibitions area. Most of the machinery used for the processing of carobs are still intact and constitute a major attraction for the tourist and local population.

At a time when cultural and heritage tourism is one of the fastest growing sector of tourism in all EU countries, Limassol continues to uphold and strenghten its place as a destination of quality with much more to offer than the typical 4S tourism model.

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Operating Period: All year round
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Entrance Fee: Free entrance

Sources: Cultural Tourism Network, Cyprus Highlighs, In Cyprus

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