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CYHERBIA herbal garden and botanical park

CyHerbia gardens and nature park is situated in the village of Avgorou, and includes nine beautifully landscaped herb gardens, a woodland area with endemic trees and shrubs landscaped in the shape of Cyprus, and the first and only maze (2000 sq.m.) of the island.

The park took 10 years to complete and has opened to the public in October 2012. It was my husband Adamos’ vision to create a park where people could see and get to know the healing herbs of Cyprus, to spend time in nature, to learn about staying healthy with the use of herbs and essential oils, and also to be able to spend an enjoyable day with the family in nature, where both adults and children have a great time.

At CyHerbia we grow all kinds of Mediterranean herbs organically, using no chemicals whatsoever. The garden is divided into nine different themes. Walking around each of the gardens visitors can learn about herbs for the bath, for medicinal purposes, aromatic herbs, plants that repel pests and insects, gynaecological and beauty herbs, relaxation and stress relief, kitchen herbs and traditional Cyprus herbs. Children receive a gamesheet (available in Greek, English and Russian), clipboard and pencil and they can do the I-Spy game and educational activities in the herb garden.

In the maze, the first and only one in Cyprus, families and friends can compete not only to find the way out first, but also to find the seven hidden birds and herbs! In the maze there is a watchtower from where people can have a fantastic view of the park and take pictures.

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Beyond the maze visitors can enjoy a peaceful walk around Cyprus. Hundreds of Cypress trees form the outline of the island and along the walk one can see the endemic trees and shrubs of Cyprus, as well as get to know the seven wonders of Cyprus, which are seven places of cultural interest along the coastline of the island. It’s an interesting way for first time visitors to Cyprus to get a taste of places they can go and see.

The park provides a wonderful day out for tourists and locals alike. As we are just 20 minutes from the main tourist resorts of Ayia Napa and Protaras, many tourists come to visit us by hired car or organized bus excursion. Guided tours are provided for groups and individual visitors receive a printed guide to the garden (available in Greek, English and Russian) which tells them what we grow in each area and what these plants can be used for.

Our resident herbalist Miranda Tringis can help you find the herbs that will suit your particular health situation. In our distillation room you can witness the extraction of essential oils, a unique and fragrant experience! In the Tea Room overlooking the gardens you can relax and enjoy a cup of herbal (iced) tea and homemade cakes and food.

In the herb shop you will find a large selection of herbal teas, tinctures, oil, salves and cosmetics, all handcrafted on site. All areas are wheelchair accessible. The park is open all year round, weather permitting.

We are very passionate about teaching the next generation about the many benefits of the herbs of Cyprus. For that purpose we have developed an educational program for schools, which has been approved by the Ministry of Education. Many schools visit the park and the pupils learn in an experiential way. Universities and agricultural colleges also visit us and we provide specialized seminars suited to their needs and relevant to their studies.

One weekend every month at Cyherbia we highlight a different ‘Herb of the Month’. During that weekend we perform extraction of essential oil of that particular herb, as well as practical workshops such as cooking with the herb of the month, making cosmetics or decorations. Visitors also can taste tea, liqueur, baked goodies and delicacies made with the herb of the month and receive written information about the herb, with tips and recipes.

Another passion of ours are seasonal family events with games, challenges and adventures. We love to stimulate children’s imagination and sense of adventure. During the Easter holidays we organize an egg hunt in the maze and many games for all ages, at Christmas we have a special family event with games and crafts, our annual Halloween event has been a smashing success and this year in late May we are planning the first annual Fairy Folk Fest. Knights, princes and princesses, fairies and goblins, all are welcome to enjoy a day of enchantment and adventure. Each of these events are advertised on our website, facebook page, in newspapers, on TV and local media.

Recently Cyherbia won a prestigious business award and we’re very proud of this! We won Daxi Business of the Year 2014, the award covering criteria such as achievement in innovation, customer service, commitment to tourism, investment in people. It gives us great pleasure that our passion and hard work is being appreciated and recognized in the local community.

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