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Beekeeper for a day?

Have you ever dreamed about being a beekeeper for one day? You have a chance now!

Ecophysis is a local business that offers experiential and educational tours throughout the year for visitors with special interest in the natural environment, rural lifestyle, traditional products of Cyprus and, especially, in beekeeping practices.

This business offering is the result of Georgia’s and Costas’ ideas regarding the conservation of the natural environment and the promotion of their birthplace, the beautiful area of Lefkara and mountainous Larnaka, in general, in a sustainable way; the project started in 2015.

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Beekeeping tours include 5 activities or its combination:
1) visit one of our apiaries and inspect the hives after wearing the protective beekeeper’s suits – Costas (the beekeeper) will explain and demonstrate all outdoor beekeeping activities which take place this time of the year

2) enjoying a rich outdoor picnic including fresh local products like raw blossom bee honey on anari cheese and cinnamon, halloumi cheese with tomatoes and cucumbers, village bread with olive oil and herbs of our production, green and black olives, fresh lemonade, Cyprus coffee and herbal tea

3) visit our honey extraction and bottling laboratory in Vavla and taste different types of blossom honey 

4) bird watching while we are hiking

5) wild fruits harvest from the fields like hawthorn which can be eaten raw or in jam, “tremithia” which are very aromatic herbs and usually used in pies, “shinus” used for Cyprus sausages, etc.

* photos will be taken with a professional camera throughout the tour which will be sent to you by email the following days

beekeeping cyprus

You can learn about beekeeping all year round: by wearing the beekeepers’ protection suit that we provide to adults and children we inspect the hives, distinguish the Bee Queen and the Drones, observe the Bee workers during their work, tour in the honey and pollen storerooms, check the eggs, larvae and pupae and learn about the importance of organization for the welfare of these social insects.

Additionally, in the period of autumn you can see:
* pollen collected and stored in the comp cells by the working bees inside the hives
* honey stored in the hives
* cells with larvae of all stages
* new frames at the stage of building with beeswax

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Options for your tour:
* the duration of the tour described above is about 5 hours
* other option is the short Bee Tour which lasts for around 3 hours (only the first 3 above points – without bird watching and harvesting)
* a third option is only beekeeping (only the points 1 and 3 – without picnic)
* ask the owner for your own option

Minimum people required: 2 adults. Kids above the age of 4 are welcome accompanied by an adult. The cost of the tour depends on the number of people and the composition of the team. Please contact ECOPHYSIS for prices and offers.

Read the full presentation of Ecophysis here. Feel free to watch the first video made with Georgia during an amazing private picnic time in Vavla mountain area.

You may find us on our Facebook page and website. “Learn about nature, enjoy the experience.”

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Cyprus Excursion organizes:
* private tours
* corporate excursions (team building activities)
* organized trips in specific dates (next one coming soon is on 30 of October 2016).

corporate excursion

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