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Chocolate Workshop Platres



An Unique Chocolate Workshop in Platres

Welcome to Platres Chocolate Workshop where we create unique and very special chocolates.

We are best known as the original creators of the award winning ‘CYPRUS CHOCOLATES’, the only chocolates in the world that have the flavour of Cyprus as they contain unique Cyprus delicacies.

The Platres Chocolate Workshop is a luxury chocolate workshop and boutique. Every chocolate is crafted by hand on site using premium ingredients sourced globally.

With the backdrop of Troodos Mountains; the Chocolate workshop is situated in the heart of Platres resort village and a 40-minute drive from Limassol city in Cyprus, awarded as one of the 10 must seen attractions in Cyprus.

John Adams, an English man, and his Cypriot wife Praxi established the chocolate workshop in 2008. Master chocolatiers trained in France and Venezuela, they dedicated their chocolate range to the flavours of Cyprus. Each chocolate captures the unique taste of this island with fillings such as provincial liquors, locally preserved fruits, and traditional sweets.

Chocolate Workshop Platres

These original chocolates consistently feature in magazines, newspapers and on television internationally. Although all the chocolates are still only created in the Platres workshop, they are ordered and enjoyed on a worldwide basis. Heads of State, including the Queen of England and her family are amongst the regular customers of these Cypriot delights.

A recent innovation developed by Mr. John is Flava Chocolate. This naturally intelligent chocolate is processed differently to most commercial ‘healthy’ versions. Made with single origin beans from South America, Flava retains nearly all the nutrients of raw seed cacao and one 10g serving provides you with a whopping 55,000 antioxidants. Chocolate that tastes good, and is good for you! Flava is also suitable for diabetics, as it contains no refined cane sugar.

For true chocolate lovers, the workshop accepts advance bookings for 2 – 6 people. Larger groups can also be arranged in a local restaurant setting, or even in your own premises. Lasting 3 hours, these fun filled lessons will walk you through the rich history of chocolate, taste testing different varieties, and you be taught how to create your very own bar and decadent filled chocolates. Everything you make will be wrapped for you to take home. Thoughtful gift vouchers for these classes can also be purchased.

Chocolate Workshop Platres

Contact us by email: or ring to Mr. John Adams on 00357 99766446 for our chocolate workshops however we appreciate you come to our shop personally to taste the chocolates, our delicious hot chocolate and to learn how the chocolate is made. Visit our website and like our Facebook page for the upcoming news. Leave us your comment on our TripAdvisor site.

Most importantly, we are organizing a Chocolate Festival during the upcoming weekend on 26th and 27th of September in gardens of the Forest Park Hotel in Platres. The biggest chocolate festival anywhere around the Mediterranean. Two days of fun filled chocolate events and games! Have a look at the event page for more information!

Chocolate Workshop Platres

Contact Cyprus Excursion for your private tour or corporate team building activities. Platres Chocolate Workshop is always recommended to its visitors to enjoy in the itinerary to the Troodos mountain area. The reason joining the Cyprus Excursion project, which supports, develop and promote sustainable tourism in Cyprus, is to be part of the powerful network of unique businesses on this island, where tourists and locals have a chance to see, experience, taste and learn more about our chocolates.

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