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Adventure Mountain Park in Kyperounta

Adventure Mountain Park is the place where you can find some of the most adventurous outdoor activities and have fun with your families and friends. This is the place where you can enjoy exciting games and at the same time relax and breathe fresh air.

The love for the nature and the adventure is our motivation for building this park. Nature is the most important aspect of our life and we used to take care of it in every single minute. Also, adventure can become part of your life and it can test your limits. The combination of the stunning land with the adrenaline will make you feel real excitement and share your own stories of adventure with your family and friends.

Importantly, you can enjoy the whole experience in Adventure Mountain Park with safety due to the very well qualified personnel and the relevant equipment for each activity.

Adventure Mountain Park is located at the beautiful village of Kyperounta in Cyprus which is admired for its breath-taking nature trails with the most known being Doxasi o Theos which means embracing God. Adventure Mountain Park is only 40km away from Limassol and 58km away from the capital of Cyprus Nicosia.

Adventure Mountain Park services include outdoor activities, restaurant facilities, children play area, conference room for companies’ purposes and various trips in nature.

Our outdoor activities include Paintball, Woodland Paintball, Rock Climbing, Compass game, Laser Tag, Archery and Ice Skating.

Paintball: Paintball is a sport enjoyed by everyone – males and females. It is the best choice of game if you want to combine action, determination and humor, all in one game.

paintball cyprus excursion

Woodland Paintball: Woodland paintball is a type of a traditional paintball with the difference that it is played in physical environment, in the forest. This is an adventurous and educational game which increases suspense by giving a sense of reality.

Rock Climbing: Climbing is a sport that evokes adrenaline and plethora or intense emotions. You will be using professional equipment and you will always be assisted by experienced and qualified staff. Apart from the rock climbing within the park, Adventure Mountain Park gives you the opportunity to participate in various trips for climbing in the most adventurous places in Cyprus.

rock climbing cyprus excursion

Compass game: Compass game is one of the most realistic and interesting activities at Adventure Mountain Park since it is played in the forest using a basic compass which helps people to calculate their way out of the forest and survive the challenges reinforcing the team spirit and the organizational skills.

compass game

Laser Tag: Is the game that is most suitable for children since in Adventure Mountain Park the Laser tag activity offers a different version of paintball.

laser tag cyprus excursion

Archery: This sport entails technique rather than physical shape as it is based on concentration and strength. It is suitable for all ages and gender.

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Ice skating: Ice-skate with elegance and style and feel the magic of moving on the ice.

Restaurant – Cafeteria: Enjoy our traditional Cypriot and Greek cuisine, using only the best quality original ingredients, in the quaint environment of our restaurant. This is the place where you can enjoy your meal or your drink next to the fire or outside with the mountain view and the fresh air.

adventure park restaurant cyprus excursion

Children Play Area: Is the place where small children can have fun and enjoy some outdoor games in the nature.

Conference Room: Companies, organisations and teams can enjoy our facilities and our full equipment for their requirements in a comfortable place in Adventure Mountain Park.

Walking: Adventure Mountain Park goes even beyond and offers you the opportunity to walk along the most stunning paths of Cyprus. You can participate to some of our trips with your friends and you can enjoy this experience for the first time of your life.

walking cyprus excursion

Botanic Garden: Botanic Garden constitutes a new place in Adventure Mountain Park where you can enjoy the treasures of Cyprus and their healing functions.

Camping Site: experience overnight stays in the heart of nature, surrounded by a beautiful rugged landscape and spectacular mountain views.

If you want to gain memories for life just trust yourself and visit Adventure Mountain Park with your families or friends. We ensure an unforgettable experience with full of adventure, excitement and happiness.

Adventure Mountain Park is opened from Monday to Sunday (apart from Wednesday). For more information you can find us on social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Also, you can visit our website, call us at +357 99674126, email us at or just visit us at Doxasi o Theos at Kyperounta in Cyprus.

Visit and enjoy the Adventure Mountain park and get the best experience delivered by its owners!

adventure park cyprus excursion

Contact Cyprus Excursion to include the adventure park into your itinerary, for your private excursion or your corporate team building activity excursion.

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