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Aperanti Agrotourism Cyprus



A real agrotourism experience in Aperanti

Aperanti Agrotourism is a traditional agrotourism accommodation in Cyprus, located in the picturesque village of Pera Orinis, at the foothills of the beautiful Machairas mountains and only a 20 minutes drive from the fascinating capital Nicosia.

The idea of opening Aperanti came to us in 2009, while we were living in London. During our regular holidays to Cyprus, we noticed that there was a lack of agrotourism or ecotourism accommodation here, which is what we always look for while travelling in other countries. Agrotourism in Cyprus was, and still is, mainly promoting traditional self-catering accommodation, which it is not really what people coming from Europe expect from this type of accommodation. Of course the traditional houses are beautiful, but if no one is there to guide the tourists to discover the area, to try home-made food and local products, to show them traditional activities, then there is nothing of agrotourism in it, just traditional architecture!

Our main goal is to be a sustainable business in which our products are the key elements of it.

Our wish is to offer our guests a memorable experience by enjoying our idyllic countryside setting, tasting our unique cuisine, experiencing authentic rural life and taking part in local activities, exploring off-the-beaten track trekking paths and discovering our local flora & fauna.

 jams aperanti agrotourism cyprus

Aperanti Agrotourism opened in August 2013 and our team is composed of 3 people:
•    Sara Zanardelli – providing the Italian touch to the business, owner, manager, cook, web designer, biologist,
•    Tassos Shialis – Cypriot man from the village of Pera Orinis, owner, waiter, looking after our fields, bird protector and
•    Maroulla Shialis – Tassos’ mum, cook and keeper of the secrets of traditional Cypriot products, such as halloumi making.

At Aperanti, you will have the opportunity to try and participate in our activities and learn about our home-made products, such as delicious jams, fragrant olive oil, olives & olive paté, traditional cheeses (halloumi, anari, feta), home-made bread, pastries & cakes, fresh fruit juices and liqueurs. We make our own cheese and we serve them to our guests for dinner or we use them to make different dishes.

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In our fields we cultivate olive and fruit trees, without using pesticides, and we make our own products. We also grow organic vegetables and herbs in our garden and we try to use them as much as possible in our cuisine. We also try to promote other small local business of the area by buying their products (i.e. honey from producers in Vavla & Antoupoli, wine from AES Ambelis winery, milk from Riverland Biofarm, free range eggs from farmers in the village, vegetables from local producers).

We are glad there is someone else interested in sustainable and eco tourism, like Cyprus Excursion project, because it is about time that Cyprus moves towards that direction! Everywhere in Europe and outside Europe there are people interested in this kind of tourism, whereas Cyprus seems to be stuck with an “old model” of tourism promoting big development, all-inclusive hotel deals, golf courses and all this is definitely not eco-friendly at all (given the fact that the island suffers of drought) , not helping small business and not reviving dying villages.

For more information check our website and connect with us via Facebook or contact us directly (Sara Zanardelli,, +357-96730699, 99383034).

Aperanti Agrotourism Cyprus

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